I am a Paleo follower who has lost over 50 pounds since starting to eat clean.

I have tried many other diets over the years, and while I do not really believe that Paleo is a diet, as I consider it a lifestyle, eating this way has completely changed my life.  Losing weight was definitely a great thing that resulted from changing my eating habits to Paleo; however, I feel great.  That is what I find the most important and impressive thing from being Paleo.

The benefits of eating clean, organic meat, seafood and poultry, topped with vegetables and fruits for dessert are not just the fact that they are delicious, but it is the way that our bodies are meant to be fed.

I no longer suffer from feeling heavy and bloated after every meal.  After a Paleo meal, I feel light, and almost as though I have barely eaten at all.  The results are really tremendous.